SqlNetFramework free downloads

Here there is a set of free code that you can use in your applications.

Download DataItemCountApp.zip
Last update: February 26, 2008
Description: The DataItemCounter webcontrol can be used within a data-bound webcontrol (e.g. Repeater, ListView) to enumerate the data items.

Download GooglePagerField.zip
Last update: February 29, 2008
Description: The GooglePagerField webcontrol extends the DataPager webcontrol to create a google analytics pager looks like.

Download GoogleAnalyticsAspNetGridCounter.zip
Last update: April 07, 2008
Description: Google Analytics ASP.NET Grid Counter: Enumerate the row items in an ASP.NET Grid.

Download GoogleAnalyticsAspNetGridSortColumn.zip
Last update: May 08, 2008
Description: The Google Analytics ASP.NET Grid Sort Column webcontrol allows you to improve the column sorting of the ASP.NET GridView to give the user a better visual experience. The Google Analytics ASP.NET Grid Sort Column will indicate the sorting order direction (ascending or descending) and will highlight the GridView column used to make the sorting.