ADO.NET Accelerator

Free version

To work with the free version of the ADO.NET Accelerator you need a license. To get a license you need to request a free serial number and then register your serial number to get a free license.

Get a free ADO.NET Accelerator license

  • Fill the Free Serial Number Form to request a free serial number.
  • An email message is sent to you with your serial number.
  • Download ADO.NET Accelerator. Install ADO.NET Accelerator.
  • Open the Sql Editor Manager. Click on Start/All Programs/SqlNetFramework 1.0/Sql Editor Manager. Click on the Help menu and select Register free license. Please enter your Name, Organization, serial number and email address. Click on Register to get your free ADO.NET Accelerator license.

What is ADO.NET Accelerator?

ADO.NET Accelerator is an ADO.NET library that allows you to reduce dramatically the quantity of ADO.NET code that you need to write execute a SQL query.

Why to use ADO.NET Accelerator?

With just a few lines of code you can execute a query/stored procedure. You don't need to create repetitive ADO.NET code anymore. ADO.NET Accelerator not only reduces ADO.NET code but also the time to debug exceptions in data access code.

What is the difference between the free and the commercial version?

The ADO.NET Accelerator free version uses the OleDb data provider to connect to Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Access and any other database that supports OleDb.

The ADO.NET Accelerator commercial version supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Access and other databases using their corresponding SQL data providers. The supported SQL data providers are SqlClient, Oracle, OleDb and ODBC data provider.

How much does it cost the commercial version?

ADO.NET Accelerator commercial version costs $ 75 USD per developer. A license pack for 25 developers costs $ 449 USD. A license pack for 100 developers costs $ 749 USD.